Art Council

UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center Art Project

The UNM SRMC Art Committee seeks gifts of art that will be hung throughout the hospital. The art project’s goal is to contribute meaningful content to our patrons’ personal connections and experiences with the facility, and to create a sense of place within the hospital. The art will provide an atmosphere of hope and beauty, offer an experience in wellness, privacy, and compassion. To this end, the surroundings will play a vital role in the successful delivery of healthcare. Since we are a healthcare facility and not a gallery, there are restrictions on what we are permitted to display.

If you would like to submit a work for consideration by the UNM SRMC Art Committee, please complete and submit the application form. The UNM SRMC Art Committee reserves the right to retain all materials submitted for consideration. The committee meets quarterly to review applications, and will consider applications in the quarter following their submission. Donors will then be notified either by mail, or e-mail, of the committee’s decision.

All selected works will become the property of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center’s Art Collection.

For more information, please call Chris Fenton at 272-9700, or email